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About us

The Care Quality Network is an online Community of Practice for people working in the field of  health and social care.  Membership of the network, including access to the extensive Information Hub, is free.  

Our aim is to support all grades of staff who are involved in providing person centred care.  We will support continual improvement through the following initiatives:

  • FREE access to an extensive online library of trustworthy resources and guidelines

  • A strategic partnership with  a software development company that  shares our commitment to produce performance management toolkits and dashboards that are designed to support continual improvement.  The cost of the toolkits will be kept as low as possible to enable the maximum numbers of providers to benefit from their use and we will keep members informed of release dates.

  • The provision of a platform which supports and encourages the sharing of best practice and provides a space for special interest groups to grow and flourish.

  • Collaboration with healthcare colleagues to help to establish new digital ways of working which help to provide truly seamless care.


Through collaboration and co-operation with our membership, we will continually improve the range of knowledge and resources available and help to co-produce solutions to problems identified at grassroots level.


Membership of the Care Quality Network is of benefit to everyone working in health or social care.  We know that "quality is everybody's business" and we value input from every member of a care team, not just managers.

We hope you will join us as we work together to build back better from the pandemic and establish a sustainable recovery.

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